Tim Scott exits stage right from the race, and ain’t nobody gonna miss him

Woke up to let my dogs out Sunday night, checked TwitX while waiting for them to do their bizness, and saw a jokefest taking place around the news that junior Republican Sen. Timothy Eugene Scott from South Carolina has “suspended” his campaign. Checked the news. Saw this Washington Post headline: “Tim Scott suspends struggling presidential primary bid.”

“The senator’s campaign bid appeared promising, but his polling declined after the first debate.” Promising? Really? Scott never had a snowflake’s chance in hell to be the not-Obama. Hilarity then ensued on social media.

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I have tears in my eyes—from laughing so hard.

This report from NBC News was bizarre:

The announcement was a surprise: Gowdy, a former colleague of Scott’s in the House of Representatives, appeared to do a double-take as he made his statement. Multiple Scott staffers told NBC News they got no warning he was ending the campaign, finding out only by watching him say so on TV.

Scott’s campaign even sent out a fundraising email not long before he announced he was leaving the race. “We want to give you ONE LAST CHANCE to donate this weekend and help Tim reach his campaign goal. Can you chip in to help Tim win?” the campaign wrote.

Duly noted:

Memes abound:

Cartoonists are on it:

And that’s just a sample.

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