5 Things We Just Learned About the Bezos-Sánchez Romance

Vogue magazine published a glamorous profile of Lauren Sánchez on Monday, featuring enough anecdotes about her posh life with Jeff Bezos to turn Bernie Sanders into an ax-wielding madman.

The photographs alone—taken by Annie Leibovitz, of course—almost seemed intended to inflame the “eat the rich” crowd: Sánchez, in a Valentino dress, bending backward; Sánchez bedecked in Ferragamo in one of Bezos’ rocket company’s test capsules; the couple, in cowboys hats, cheek-to-cheek in a truck. Sánchez, a licensed helicopter pilot, had zipped between the sites in her chopper.

“Epic is an understatement!” she told the outlet.

For those in a hurry to learn about the billionaire couple—Vogue proposed the portmanteau “BezChez,” but we object—here are five takeaways from the piece:

Sánchez insists the topless sculpture on his yacht isn’t her.

The internet went wild when Bezos unveiled the buxom figurehead on the bow of his megayacht, which bore a striking resemblance to his beau. “I’m very flattered, but it’s not [me],” she told Vogue. Rather, she said, the bust depicts Freyja, the “Norse goddess of love, fertility, war, and gold.”

The couple are still hashing out wedding plans.

“Is it going to be big? Is it going to be overseas? We don’t know yet,” she said. Sánchez told the outlet she “blacked out a bit” when Bezos proposed earlier this year. He had stashed the massive engagement ring under her pillow. “She found it at bedtime, her makeup off,” Vogue reported.

Even billionaires buy cheesy gifts.

Sánchez enjoys her coffee in a mug emblazoned with the phrase “Woke up sexy as hell again.” It was a present from Bezos—purchased on Amazon, naturally.

They hit the gym as a team.

The formerly geeky Bezos got ripped after his 2019 divorce from MacKenzie Scott. Sánchez said they try to keep each other in shape, “but we cannot do the same exercises. He’s on a whole different level than I am. He is a monster in the gym.” They indulge on weekends, she added, when “Bezos makes churros in his deep fryer, a recipe passed down from his Cuban grandfather.”

The couple is investing some of their billions in an elaborate “10,000 year clock.”

“It represents thinking about the future,” she said, of the project, a somewhat confusing initiative that involved drilling 500 feet underground to install a “10,000 pound bronze-cased concrete pendulum.” Bezos told Vogue that the clock will chime “at one year, 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, and 10,000 years.”

“The whole point of the clock,” he forecasted, “is after a few hundred years, like all old things, it will take on a certain kind of respect.”

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