Trump’s Boastful Endorsement in Kentucky Guv Race Ages Like Milk

Donald Trump struggled to accept that his “strong Endorsement” in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race on Tuesday night was not the Midas touch he insisted it would be.

In a social media post two days before the election, he boasted that Republican candidate and one-time rising GOP star Daniel Cameron had made a “huge surge” after his endorsement, adding that voters had realized Cameron is “not really ‘a [Mitch] McConnell guy.’”

“You will bring [Kentucky] to new levels of success, and I will help you!” Trump wrote. He followed it up with numerous posts in support of Cameron leading up to Election Day.

But when Cameron lost handily to incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear, a remarkable result in a deeply red state, Trump suddenly changed his tune, claiming he had warned all along that Cameron wouldn’t be able to “alleviate the stench of Mitch McConnell.”

“I moved him up 25 points,” he claimed, without providing any evidence. “But the McConnell relationship was ‘too much to bear.’”

However, Tate Reeves’ win in Mississippi’s gubernatorial race was, of course, due to his involvement, Trump added.

Cameron inextricably linked his race to Trump, repeatedly noting in campaign materials that he “fully” supports the twice-impeached ex-president and telling Brietbart in a pre-election interview that his victory would “help propel Donald Trump into the White House.”

Beshear, in contrast, campaigned heavily on abortion access and issues important to state voters like local infrastructure projects, his response to natural disasters during his tenure as governor, and his handling of COVID. He won about 53 percent of the vote compared to Cameron’s 47 percent with 95 percent of the vote counted, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

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