Santos Certain He Will Find Proof His Grandma Is From Ukraine

On Sunday, CNN’s Maju Raju brought up an awkward subject for Long Island fabulist Rep. George Santos (R-NY) after claiming that he just could not provide proof that his maternal grandparents fled from the Holocaust while Russia was at war with Ukraine. Damn, and they wanted proof?

Raju explained before the interview that media outlets have been unable to find evidence of his grandparents fleeing to Brazil.

“Oh, it’s true,” Santos told Raju. “I spent the last ten months, DNA, hiring genealogists.”

“I don’t think there’s documentation of this,” Raju said to former First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

“That’s what I spent the last ten months doing, putting together,” Santos shot back. “But unfortunately, Ukraine is in the middle of a freaking war. And my grandfather comes from Ukraine.”

Santos deemed the attempts to prove his genealogy to be “the biggest lift that I’ve had to do my entire life.”

“I am working on finishing getting the last pieces of it, specifically the piece in Brazil, where they go to Brazil and then have documents forged so that they can blend in and all of that,” Santos explained.

“And once I have everything ready, I will allow the same company I hired to submit the report to the press with glee because that is going to be that one thing that I’m going to be able to say, I never intended to hurt anybody,” he added.

He’s hurt so many people it’s not funny. I don’t know how he’s making his crimes out to be victimless. To save us all some time, Santos should put Mrs. Santos in a cage for a fight until death with a knife. Her opponent: AOC’s abuello. She will show Mrs. Santos how to kick in the locks, so they can get out of there, and have lunch at their favorite restaurante espanol favorite.

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