ABC’s Jonathan Karl Says Not Enough Attention Is On This Trump Issue

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl said that while former President Donald Trump’s mounting legal woes have been headline news, “people have not been paying attention to what Trump has become.”

Trump “has become more detached from reality than he ever was even in the White House,” Karl, whose new book “Tired of Winning: Donald Trump and the End of the Grand Old Party” will be released later this month, said on Sunday’s broadcast of “This Week.”

“If you think of where we were in January of 2021, that’s the starting point for where a Trump presidency would be next time around. So I think he’s had largely, believe it or not, a free ride,” argued Karl.

“Again, the criminal cases we know about, but what he’s thinking, what he’s doing,” he added. “He had a speech just the other day in Texas where he referred to the people that are in prison because they attacked the U.S. Capitol and beat up police officers, he called them not prisoners but hostages.”

Karl acknowledged that Biden’s age ― the president turns 81 on Nov. 20 ― is a frequent topic of conversation and concern for even Democrats. But Trump, who is 77, has become “increasingly confused about things,” he noted.

Karl alluded to some of Trump’s most recent gaffes, saying he “confuses basic facts, says some rather strange things, but there isn’t much attention paid.”

“As we get closer to these primaries, we’ll see where not just Trump is based on these criminal cases, but where he is now as a human being,” Karl added.

Watch Karl’s analysis:

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