Trump Flunks Simple Geography Again: Hungary/Russia Edition

In remarks on Saturday, ignorant Donald Trump praised one of his favorite authoritarians, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán:

“You know, one of the strongest of all is Viktor Orbán – and Viktor Orbán of – you know that, Hungary,” Trump said.

Yeah, we know that but dumb-dumb and/or senile Trump thought Orbán the leader of Turkey just two weeks ago.

But Trump is still clueless about where Orbán is: “He has the privilege of fronting on Ukraine and Russia,” Trump added. Then, apparently thinking he sounded smart, Trump added, “He’s the only one, he fronts on both, he knows them very well.”

Actually, Hungary does not border Russia. Budapest is about 1850 kilometers away from Russia by car.

But Trump still can’t seem to find Hungary on a map. Or else he can’t be bothered to look. He said it bordered Russia last weekend, too. That’s in addition to the fact that he didn’t know the difference between Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A guy who can’t or won’t learn the geography of a region caught up in a very consequential war should never be allowed back into the White House. That’s not counting the 91 disqualifying felonies he faces.

With Orbán returning the favor in their mutual admiration society.

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