Biden walked on a beach, and the RNC is all over this huge story

The Republican National Committee’s “research” team has been doing crack work of late, if you consider crack work to be “watching hours and hours of television and calling it research.” Their latest blockbuster is that after a whirlwind trip to the Middle East to express support for and coordinate with Israeli leaders, President Joe Biden briefly walked on a Delaware beach.

What the RNC may not know is that sitting presidents have rarely participated in elite hostage-rescue operations themselves. Nobody wants to see a second-term Ronald Reagan or a first-term Donald Trump pulling the pin on a live grenade and attempting to huck it through a narrow window with 12 special forces soldiers’ lives depending on the thing not bouncing back. Presidents are almost always stateside for these sorts of negotiations or military operations. Stopping for a brief break after making an emergency trip into an overseas war zone is not unusual.

More to the point, numerous commenters on the RNC’s attempted gotcha post pointed out that Fox News paired their own airing of this footage with an explanation of just how many calls and decisions Biden had been making that very same morning. Via Acyn, Fox News reporter Alexandria Hoff:


The president has been anything but off the grid while here in Delaware, and of that call with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu], President Biden expressed how welcome he is that the first two convoys of aid were able to make it into Gaza. They also said that the president, the leaders, quote, affirmed their will now be continued flow of this critical assistance into Gaza. The president expressed appreciation for Israel’s support in helping to accommodate the release of two American hostages.

So the president also spoke with his national security team this morning, Pope Francis as well, plus the leaders of Germany, France, Italy, the U.K., and Canada too. So the President’s line in Delaware was very busy today. Even on that breezy beach walk we were talking about, the President was on his cellphone during a portion of that.

So there you go, sports. It looks like your research team didn’t quite do enough research to know what Biden had been doing just before stepping outside his Delaware home office to take a quick walking break—or watched the video long enough to see Biden on another call even while he was on his walk.

It should probably be noted here that the indicted orange blowhard whom Republicans want to replace Biden with—the coup-attempting former President Donald Trump—spent 285 days at his own golf resorts during his presidency—averaging more than one such trip every week—and that those constant outings are calculated to have cost the government at least $140 million.

Since the only sand Donald Trump poured out of his shoes in the last 20 years has been from his own sand traps, we’re gonna give this one to Biden. Good job getting some walking time in after a morning working the phones, Joe.

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