Trump TV Lawyer Alina Habba Set To ‘Grill’ Michael Cohen Tuesday

MSNBC’s Katie Phang set some low expectations for Trump’s godawful excuse for a lawyer and her cross-examination of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen this coming Tuesday.

I think Phang is correct that there may be some “fireworks” at the trial, but I would expect that to be due to the fact that Trump’s lackeys are shameless panderers that don’t care whether any of their actions should lose them their law licenses, how much any of them couldn’t care less that they make a mockery of the court proceedings, or the fact that none of them have an ounce of respect for the rule of law or our judicial system.

As Raw Story reported, Phang was smirking at the notion that Habba would be “grilling” Cohen before throwing cold water on what the “grilling” might yield.

With the former president also expected to be in attendance, Phang told her MSNBC colleague, “Yes. I expect to see some fireworks,” while issuing a small smirk and explaining Habba was expected to “grill” Cohen.

She then added Habba “…will be doing the questioning on behalf of Donald Trump when it comes to the cross-examination of Donald Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen.”

“Michael Cohen has withstood hours upon hours of grilling, not only from congressional investigators but from law enforcement,” she recalled. “I would not be surprised to see Michael Cohen be able to hold his ground, to make sure that he doesn’t budge under any type of attempt of cross-examination by Alina Habba.”

Cohen is going to do just fine. How long Trump’s TV pretend lawyer lasts is another story.

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