Trump Plans To Make Putin’s Dreams Come True By Pulling The US Out Of NATO

Donald Trump shows that he is still Putin’s guy by planning to pull the U.S. out of NATO if he is returned to the White House.

Rolling Stone reported:

The 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner is already discussing how he could actually get it done, if his demands aren’t met by NATO. He and his policy-wonk allies are also gaming out how he could dramatically wind down American involvement to merely a “standby” position in NATO, in Trump’s own words.

Trump, the sources say, has continued to express an openness to pulling the U.S. out of NATO altogether. However, Trump has suggested that this could be averted if the alliance — which Trump once famously called “obsolete” — gives in to his newest demands. This would include his desires for non-American members to further and steeply increase their defense spending and for a reevaluation of the bedrock principle that an attack on one member is tantamount to an attack on all.

Trump doesn’t want to defend America’s democratic allies. Trump doesn’t want the United States committed to defending democracy. The former president wants to do Putin’s bidding by pulling the U.S. out of NATO which would weaken the organization’s ability to defend Ukraine and any other neighboring nation that is threatened by Putin’s aggression.

Not only does Donald Trump not have America’s best interests at heart, but he is also trying to assist the world’s authoritarians by undermining democracy and its biggest proponents. Returning Trump to the White House would be like attempting to win the Cold War with a USSR asset in the Oval Office.

Trump is telling the American people exactly what he will do if he is ever returned to power. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin and an expression of support for destroying democracy at home and around the globe.

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