Russia Now Using Pre-WWII Trucks In Latest Offensive

Ukrainian soldiers watching from afar as Russia sent their antique trucks in reacted with characteristic disdain (“On a fucking polutorka!”, meaning “one-and-a halfer”, with reference to its carrying capacity of 1.5 tonnes), and mocking them before destroying the Russian convoy.

And Russia has plenty of transport vehicles left. It’s just that these are used for an express purpose only and were not expected to return from the front. Disposable, in other words, just like their conscripts.

Source: Kyiv Post

In a video circulating on social media – what may be a truck introduced in the 1930s — can be seen driving along beaten tracks on the Avdiivka front.

Some users on “X,” the social media site formerly known as Twitter are saying that a viral video shows a GAZ-AA truck.

The GAZ-AA, based on the Ford Model AA, was manufactured in Soviet Russia between 1932 and 1938 under an agreement with Ford Motor Company in the US.

Due to its antiquity, the truck offers next to no protection in modern warfare.

Beneath the videos on X are snickering remarks from internet users about Russia’s use of outdated tech. One user remarked “antique roadshow” in reference to the possible use of a 1930s truck.

Another user speculated that the Russian military “[does] not expect those trucks coming back, including passengers.”

Indeed. Russia’s disastrous attacks on Avdiivka have led to their largest losses of the war, with an average of 1,000 dead per day for the last two weeks. Wave after wave of “meat attacks.”

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