Lindsey Graham Thumps Newsmax Reporter: ‘Get This Guy Out Of Here!’

In a rare display of bipartisanship, Senator Graham shouted down a reporter asking if he would condemn Rashida Tlaib during a press conference in Israel.

Daniel Cohen, a reporter for Newsmax, asked Graham if he would condemn Rep. Rashida Tlaib during a bipartisan press conference, which clearly annoyed the senator from South Carolina.

“We are here together not to talk about the problems at home, which are many,” Graham replied.

Cohen persisted. “It’s a fair question.”

“I’ve got my own view of what to say,” Graham shot back. “You’re not going to screw this up.”

“I’m not trying to screw it up,” Cohen protested, without acknowledging that asking that question in Israel with Democrats present was certainly an invitation to division.

“Get this guy out of here,” Graham commanded.

Cohen answered back, “Now, let me tell you, I’m an Israeli. I want an answer to the question.”

“I’m an American — ” Graham began.

“– and I am too,” Cohen parried.

“–And I believe in free speech,” Graham continued. “I don’t believe what the squad has to say at all.”

“But I came here with Democrats and Republicans to let everybody in the world know, don’t judge every Democrat by the squad and don’t judge every Republican by some of the things you hear,” he concluded.

Honestly, there is way too much “gotcha” journalism around demanding that politicians of one party or the other condemn someone for something they said. As a Democrat, I very much disliked the fact that Tlaib insisted on continuing to spread disinformation about the bombing of the hospital in Gaza even after it was clear that at the very least, there was no evidence that Israelis were responsible and subsequent video does appear to support the contention that it was a Palestinian rocket failure. She should retract that.

It is possible and indeed, desirable, to have no use for the Israeli government and Hamas, to condemn Hamas for the slaughter of civilians and concertgoers, to blame Netanyahu (not all Israelis, just him) for enabling Hamas and still hold space for suffering Palestinian civilians who had no say in the matter.

Mr. Cohen is there to report facts, not inject his personal opinion into the story. But of course, it is Newsmax, so of course he’s there to inject his opinion. As for Lindsey Graham, even a stopped clock, etc. etc…

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