After This Clip Of Trump, Y’all Can STFU About Biden’s Mental Acuity

I’m sorry, but I’m done hearing about old and senile President Joe Biden, who just got back from Israel while working on multinational issues, while Donald Trump is out there exhibiting some sort of dementia. Yes, you, with the khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirt on, shut up about Biden’s mental acuity. He has the olds, just like Trump, but he has never wanted to nuke a hurricane and never drew on a map to change the direction of a hurricane to the public.

“The world is exploding,” Trump said while totally not trying to instill fear. “If you take a look. I mean, the whole world is exploding.”

“You know, I was very honored as a man,” he continued. “Viktor Orbán. Did anyone ever hear of him?”

“He’s probably like one of the strongest leaders anywhere in the world,” he said of one of Putin’s fuckbois. “And he, he’s the leader of, right. He’s the leader of Turkey fronts on both Russia.”

Sigh. Orbán is the dickhead leader of Hungary. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the dickhead leader of Turkey.

Just shut up. Biden is doing great. And Trump has the intelligence of a frozen chicken gizzard.

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