Rep. Nancy Mace Accidentally Admits They Have No Evidence On Biden

Even though impeaching President Joe Biden would never get 60 votes in a Democratic-led Senate, some Republicans aren’t giving up. And there is no evidence. South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that the impeachment inquiry would be “to get more evidence.” That’s not how it works.

“The people deserve the truth and nothing but the truth,” Mace said.

“Isn’t it supposed to be the evidence that leads you to pursue impeachment and impeachment inquiry?” Collins asked. “Well, that’s what the inquiry is for.”

“I think that’s where people are confused because it’s not like there’s no investigation happening,” Collins said.

“But we don’t have Joe Biden’s bank records yet,” Mace added. “And so one way to do that, my understanding, would be through an impeachment inquiry.”

So, you can impeach a guy just because you don’t like him and find the evidence later during your fishing expedition? What a hack. Senate Republicans also admit there isn’t enough evidence to pursue an impeachment.

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