Rittenhouse Gets Away With Murder, Still Whines About Trial

Almost one year after Killer Kyle Rittenhouse got away with gunning down two men in cold blood, he is still whining about how the trial was so unfair to him in a tweet he has since deleted:

Credit: Kyle Rittenhouse Twitter account

Oh, yeah, sure. Killer Kyle had it so rough. Bruce Schroeder, the judge who presided over that miscarriage of justice, did everything inside and sometimes outside of his powers to ensure that Killer Kyle was set free. Things like allowing the defense to call the protesters “looters and rioters” but refusing to allow the prosecutors to refer to Rittenhouse’s victims as, y’know, victims. Even more egregiously, Schroeder threw out a count of underage possession of a weapon. Basically, he ruled that Rittenhouse was “hunting.” This ruling was, of course, made after Rittenhouse already admitted to the charge during sworn testimony.

It’s a pretty pathetic cry for attention as far as those things go. But it also shows that he is right at home with the MAGA crowd because he is as stupid as they are. I really doubt he wanted to say this mysterious “assistant US attorney” was shouting objections from the gallery about “tail numbers.” But I would say that it’s safe to say that Rittenhouse doesn’t know what he wanted to say either.

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