Russian POW Offers Himself In Exchange For Stolen Raccoon

The stolen raccoon from the Kherson zoo continues to provide rich fodder for Ukraine against the Russians.

Whether this was Oleg’s idea or some more masterful trolling by Ukraine the effect remains the same. Russia is losing the information war online and the actual one on the ground.

Source: Ukrinform

A Russian prisoner of war (POW) has offered to exchange him for a raccoon stolen by Russians from the Kherson zoo.

The relevant statement was made by Kherson Regional Council First Deputy Head Yurii Sobolevskyi on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The video shows the Russian military saying: β€œI, Oleg Mokashov, a private, born in 1975, from Novosibirsk, am asking the government of Russia to swap me for the Kherson raccoon.”

Russian soldiers continue to taunt Ukraine with video of the stolen raccoon.

But they are completely overmatched.

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