Mike Pompeo Is Tired Of So Much Losing

Trump’s former Secretary of State and former director of the CIA Mike Pompeo took another shot at the former treasonous guy.

Pompeo took Trump’s mantra of so much winning and turned it on its head. “We were told we’d get tired of winning. But I’m tired of losing,” Pompeo wrote, before adding in the entire Republican Party.

Pompeo, like many former Trump officials and allies refused to say his name publicly because they still fear the MAGA cult.

Trump isn’t going anywhere at this point since he was forced to announce so early to try and recapture the narrative when he still hadn’t licked his midterm wounds.

Most presidential candidates of all parties wait until the new year after the midterms to announce.

That shows how weak Trump is.

One of these days, maybe Republicans like Pompeo and Pence will grow a spine and be candid with the public.

I doubt it.

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